Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advice to Future Students

     Ms. Belisle's EIT class has turned out to be one of the most useful classes I have ever taken. I have learned an incredible amount about how to use a computer to its fullest capabilities. I am so grateful for this class, especially going into such a technilogically advanced work world. Ms. Belisle really knows how to encourage her students  to work hard and learn in a hand on way!

     In order to be succesful in this class, you need to do all the work that is assigned! I know that sounds obvious but I truly cannot stress that enough. Make sure you do all assignments to the fullest and due it on time! Most importantly, open yourself up to learning all that you can and ask Ms. Belisle for help if you are confused about anything at all! She is extremely nice and willing to work with you until you understand, so take advantage of that. Have fun and enjoy this class and explore things about you and technology that you don't even know exist!

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