Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advice to Future Students

     Ms. Belisle's EIT class has turned out to be one of the most useful classes I have ever taken. I have learned an incredible amount about how to use a computer to its fullest capabilities. I am so grateful for this class, especially going into such a technilogically advanced work world. Ms. Belisle really knows how to encourage her students  to work hard and learn in a hand on way!

     In order to be succesful in this class, you need to do all the work that is assigned! I know that sounds obvious but I truly cannot stress that enough. Make sure you do all assignments to the fullest and due it on time! Most importantly, open yourself up to learning all that you can and ask Ms. Belisle for help if you are confused about anything at all! She is extremely nice and willing to work with you until you understand, so take advantage of that. Have fun and enjoy this class and explore things about you and technology that you don't even know exist!

Study Abroad!

Please visit my website at www.cs.trinity.edu/~lkrummel

     To create my study abroad website I used Expressions Web 4. I orignially thought it was giong to be exteremely difficult to make a website but found that, with the help of Expression Web, it was actually quite fun! I had a great time picking the pictures and videos I wanted to use and loved making the colors of each individual page fit the page while keeping a theme to tie it all together. Although it still took me a long time to complete this website, I am very proud of the way it turned out. My favorite part about my website is how each page has three pictures at the top that highlights the country and I love the timelapse videos I added at the bottom of each screen. I really put a lot of thought and work into this website so I really am proud of the whole thing, considering I never thought I'd  be capable of making one in the first place! The only thing I would change about my project is maybe put a map on the home page and I can always add that on later. The biggest technical challenge I faced was trying to get the pictures in the table on each page roughly the same size and looking uniform. It also took me a while to make sure all my links and the nav bar led me to where I wanted to go!
     My website would be great to show other students who are trying to decide where to study abroad, just like myself. I think that at times the decision can seem so daunting and overwhelming but creating the website made me have fun with it instead. I will most difinitely make a website for future classes if it calls for it, as I had fun with it!