Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Horrible Webpage

The contest to win "Worst Website" was a tough call for me. However, when I unfortunately stumbled across a religious website that supposedly leads you to Jesus Christ, I felt like I had just entered a very colorful Hell. The webpage, "Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven," makes it incredibly difficult to look at for more than two seconds because of the rainbow background that continuously flashes across the screen. Along with the distraction from the background, there are many different fonts and shapes on the page that I felt lost immediately for there was no coherence at all. Notice the random black cat running about in the bottom left corner? After clicking the doorway to enter the website further, things got a lot more normal. However, this website still wins "Most Distracting Entrance Page." To see the site for yourself, click on the link and beware!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures That Lie

     The director of photography for National Geographic, David Griffin, raises a valid concern that PhotoShop could make photojournalism (among other things) lose its integrity, but I believe there are positives that derive from photo manipulation as well. In light of the upcoming elections, I chose to alter a picture involving the two presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Governor Romney.  They say a picture says a thousand words, and this doctored photo is no exception. Although the scene depicted in the picture did not actually happen, it still maintains validity because of its message.
      Currently, America suffers from extreme partisanship, where party lines are hard drawn and unalterable. Though parties have also been an influential and necessary political institution, I believe that the partisanship has increased exponentially over the last several years. This may be because I am becoming more politically aware as I grow up but I feel as though everyone is feeling the tension as I do. As I mentioned, political parties are absolutely necessary in a successful democracy but there comes a point where they begin to be detrimental, too, and we are at that point. The harsh, unnecessary bickering and child-like behavior displayed by both major parties, Democrats and Republicans, is depicted in the above picture.
      I purposefully chose to have Romney depicted as "winning" the physical battle, not because I think he will win the election or not, but because I see him as a more moderate politician than his Liberal counterpart. I came to this conclusion based on him being the Governor of a very Liberal state where he was not only elected by many Democrats but where he also had to work in a very bipartisan manner if he wanted to accomplish anything in office. However, both need to focus on what their people want instead of how to better insult the other for personal gain. After all, we should be fighting for America, not against one half and for the other.
      I achieved this effect by using PhotoShop. I began with a picture of Romney giving a speech in front of an American flag. I was immediately inspired to place Obama's head in between his hands for this assignment. I knew that I had to make this photo manipulation a little crazy in order to get the message across. Next, I brought in a picture of President Obama and used the quick selection tool to select everything surrounding Obama. Then I deleted everything else but him and used the move tool to drag and slightly rotate Obama's head into Romney's open arms. To get Romney's hands into position, I used the Puppet morph tool to bring them together. To make it appear seamless (at least as much as my skill allowed me), I used the clone stamp tool to color in the discolored or morphed areas. I also had to use the transform tool quite a bit to get them to be the same sizes. My last touch was to add the two catchphrases "No Socialism" and "No Selfishness" because I have observed a large number of these signs in people's front yards. Using the text tool, I typed them in. This further shows the huge gap not only between candidates but also our perception of what they stand for. I hope my PhotoShopped picture shows people that doctored photo's do not always have to be used for bad but can also teach a lesson by pointing out flaws in society. Hope you enjoyed!

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