Thursday, October 18, 2012

PowePoint Overload!

PowerPoint can be a very effective way to present information to an audience. However, there are so many things that can go wrong that makes PowerPoint go from good to very bad. One of my biggest pet peaves is when there are cheesy graphics that move around (to get my attention?) when really it only distracts me! Second, I hate when PowerPoints are only black and white and the speaker reads directly off of the slide, word for word. As a Political Science major, this happens in all of my classes and I have fallen asleep more than once. PowerPoints can also hold too much information and I feel like I'm reading a textbook instead of a review, which is very frustrating when taking notes! The last thing that drives me crazy about PowePoint is when there are an infinite number of slides and it seems to drag on forever. Bearing all this in mind, there are effective ways of creating a PowePoint! Use your spaces well, take off the last graphic you added (just like jewelry before you leave the house) and make it concise!

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