Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Watching the video tutorials on was far more enlightening than I had expected. I wish I had watched the video on SmartArt last week when I randomly decided to use SmartArt without knowing all of the helpful and awesome tricks I could have used along with it. I really enjoyed using and only had minor issues in finding the videos but it really posed no serious problems whatsoever. The slower pace and more detailed introduction to Microsoft Word played to a student like myself who has no real experience being creative with MS Word. I am certain I will use regularly throughout my academic career and beyond simply because of the ease of use and extraordinary depth of information available. As I previously mentioned, I enjoyed learning more about SmartArt and cannot wait to use it more effectively in the future. I also gained a lot of knowledge from the video clip about MS Excel and being able to alter the data of a chart in Word. As a Political Science major, my research papers will benefit exponentially because of this relatively short tutorial. Beyond that, I found the "screen clipping" and "screen shot" segment to be very helpful and I'm sure I'll save time using the previously unknown "screen shot" tab. is now one of my go-to resources here at Trinity and I am so glad I am able to take advantage of it!! I'll be sure to spread the word to my fellow classmates.

My last video tutorial, Word Art, was very informative.


  1. Screen shots IN WORD is just kind of awesome, right? I was pretty excited when I found out you could.

  2. I never use Smart Art but I think I'm going to start!