Monday, September 24, 2012

Microsoft Excel

With the aide of, I was able to learn some pretty amazing things Microsoft Excel is capable of. I have not had a need for extensive Microsoft Excel use in the past so the tutorials were especially eye opening for me. The Microsoft Excel is capable of doing it all: math, charts, calendars, budgeting, floor plans, you name it. One of my favorite things about M.E. is the auto-fill capability. Not only can it fill in the days of the week but it can also auto-fill math problems by rewriting the original equation to follow the pattern. I am also surprised with how easy it is to use this program and how many shortcuts there are to speed along your work and eliminate the tedium that often accompanies charts and math. That being said, there are so many shortcuts and cool things to use Excel for that I'm afraid I won't remember them all! All in all, I am so impressed by the program and I cannot wait until I have to use it for a class or making a plan of some sort. I feel very fortunate to have the help of and Mrs. Belisle to further my knowledge about this complex program.
Last tutorial on Microsoft Excel 2010 Essential Training videos


  1. I didn't know about the autofill, that's a savior!

  2. I too, learned a great deal of useful ways to utilize Excel to improve my quality of life! I'm also nervous I may not remember it all, but we will just need to practice the lessons, so they will become second nature.