Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man Loses Job Over Facebook Picture

    Computer ethics is quickly evolving into one of the most prevalent topics in today's technologically based society. At any given moment you can get onto a social media site and "post" pictures at  your whim. However, when does this ease of use become a threat? For one young man, a recent college grad, a simple picture on Facebook cost him a job at a prestigious law firm. With a quick search on the computer, his possible employers found a picture of him using illegal substances in college and just like that his future dramatically changed for the worse. 
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     Although the grad claims that he had no knowledge of the pictures existence, nonetheless it's existence on Facebook, he has no legal claims against his friend who posted the picture. According to the Copyright code, the person who takes the photograph is the owner of his/her intellectual property, not the subjects within the photo. However, according to the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics, "Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people." With this in consideration, the young man affected by the photo could address his friend and tell him the harm it has caused him and ask him to take it down. Being a friend, the picture will most likely be taken down so as not to cause further harm and the young man can progress towards a better future. Whether or not it was ethical for his friend to post the picture is not as clear. However, the young man may have been aware at the time of the picture that he was being photographed. We must also consider the fact that our world is so interwoven with technology that we must always watch our actions because it could always end up on film or in a photo.
     The law firm in question had every right to search the background of the grad they are considering for hire. They are hiring him to represent their business and do not want any liabilities on their hands if they knowingly hire a man with questionable character. That being said, I also think that the young man's friend who worked at the law firm was also in the right when he told him why he did not get hired. His intentions were good in that he wanted his friend to be aware of his mistake so that he may address the problem and not have it happen again.
      As for the young man himself, he should immediately address his friend and have all pictures that could harm his future career taken off the internet. He should use this as a learning experience and avoid situations in which there is a camera that could take unflattering pictures of his character or simply avoid the illegal, unflattering behavior in the first place!! Then there would be no problem to address.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Microsoft Excel

With the aide of, I was able to learn some pretty amazing things Microsoft Excel is capable of. I have not had a need for extensive Microsoft Excel use in the past so the tutorials were especially eye opening for me. The Microsoft Excel is capable of doing it all: math, charts, calendars, budgeting, floor plans, you name it. One of my favorite things about M.E. is the auto-fill capability. Not only can it fill in the days of the week but it can also auto-fill math problems by rewriting the original equation to follow the pattern. I am also surprised with how easy it is to use this program and how many shortcuts there are to speed along your work and eliminate the tedium that often accompanies charts and math. That being said, there are so many shortcuts and cool things to use Excel for that I'm afraid I won't remember them all! All in all, I am so impressed by the program and I cannot wait until I have to use it for a class or making a plan of some sort. I feel very fortunate to have the help of and Mrs. Belisle to further my knowledge about this complex program.
Last tutorial on Microsoft Excel 2010 Essential Training videos

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Copyright and Creative Commons

I thought I knew all about copyright before Jason Hardin came into speak to us. As it turns out, not only did I not know about the many ways I could infringe on coprights I also had no idea what Creative Commons were! I had a lot to learn. In our modern day and age it is so easy to infringe on copyrights and to plagarise without intent. In order to help others out, I would like to share what I learned so that others are less likely to fall into a bad situation! First, copyright protection deals with creative works just like patents work for devvices. There are two key parts to copyrights: it allows me to control the distribution of my work and entitles me to profit from it. I used to wonder why people would even go to the trouble to copyright anything but copyright actually has an extremely important role in society. If every one was free to use, alter, or sell the work of others (work that potentially took a very long time) then no one would have the drive to create! Where would we be if no one created anything? A very dark age, indeed.
Creative Commons is a form of copyright but achieves a slightly different end. If I create something that I want to share, like an essay or a photograph, and I don't mind if others copy, share, or make money off of it, then I can put a Creative Commons license on my work. I am still the owner of my intellectual property, I am just willing to share it with the public to serve a greater good. There are also options that allow sharing but not profit. Although it seems like there are a lot of rules and a lot of ways to get into trouble, it's not that hard to stay away from problems with copyright. If you have any questions about whether something is legal or not, look up the terms of the copyright or just don't use it. Staying on the conservative side is an easy way to avoid legal issues and keep your internet experience stress-free! Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Watching the video tutorials on was far more enlightening than I had expected. I wish I had watched the video on SmartArt last week when I randomly decided to use SmartArt without knowing all of the helpful and awesome tricks I could have used along with it. I really enjoyed using and only had minor issues in finding the videos but it really posed no serious problems whatsoever. The slower pace and more detailed introduction to Microsoft Word played to a student like myself who has no real experience being creative with MS Word. I am certain I will use regularly throughout my academic career and beyond simply because of the ease of use and extraordinary depth of information available. As I previously mentioned, I enjoyed learning more about SmartArt and cannot wait to use it more effectively in the future. I also gained a lot of knowledge from the video clip about MS Excel and being able to alter the data of a chart in Word. As a Political Science major, my research papers will benefit exponentially because of this relatively short tutorial. Beyond that, I found the "screen clipping" and "screen shot" segment to be very helpful and I'm sure I'll save time using the previously unknown "screen shot" tab. is now one of my go-to resources here at Trinity and I am so glad I am able to take advantage of it!! I'll be sure to spread the word to my fellow classmates.

My last video tutorial, Word Art, was very informative.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

CLT and Self-Portrait

Our class trip to CLT (Center for Learning and Design) was awesome. I never even knew Trinity had such impresive technology that students could take advantage of. I am very interested in trying out the conference room and the Smart Board. I also am excited to write my next research paper down here becuase the dual screens would be so helpful when I need an abundance of sources up while trying to type! The atmosphere inspires deep concentration, as well, something a college student needs and sometimes cannot find. Thanks to Greg Longoria, the tech guy, I know a lot more about the amazing technology that Trinity offers her students.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Trinity Network Diagram

Picture credit to and 

I really enjoyed the tour in Halsell because the complex structure of Trinity's network is almost impossible to imagine without seeing it. The diagram furthered my knowledge by being able to see the connections visually. I feel much more knowledgeable about Trinity's technology and how it functions thanks to Jared Pack! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Network Server Diagram

The Trinity Network Server works for both students and professors by allowing both to have an individual file as well as a shared file, making learning and grading material easy and efficient for both parties.